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Wrong C-suite

Ever since Eric Tom was appointed the C-suite has collected people with simply the wrong set of values. They do not care about the customers and they do not care about the people. They're only about cutting cost and increasing prices: gee, if it's that simple what are they paid those millions for? Mikkelsen left because of Eric Tom and even if Tom was rightly ejected, the likes of Culhane and Nyqvist are there and apparently with too much power over the junior CEO.

Mikkelsen was always focused on the customer and performance. The new management are only about outrageous margins and the new buzz, ARR. The live in an illusion where the biggest and most successful companies would be stupid enough to pay for the value that Teradata would magically create, instead of the cost plus already inflated margins. Come on! If Teradata helps solve a billion dollar problem, their cut definitely is not hundreds of millions but a dozen million for software and perhaps another dozen for consulting. To expect otherwise is a complete under estimation of Teradata's customers, but I suppose the C suite is that detached from reality.

Expect short term stock price increase followed by steadily shrinking revenues. The company will be smaller but probably profitable.

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Cloud has killed TD.

Gartner feedback is bad.

Customer are happy till now but are stop to invest in TD.

Snowflake double the revenue

Services will drop and spin off ready

The GM will be up

In 3 year TD will be like Sybase

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Couldn't agree more. More and more of my long term colleagues, who have been viewed by clients as where Teradata had differentiation (we actually stood with them for many years at the field level), have left the company. The customer first attitude has been replaced by a bunch of inner circle execs who by their very actions could care less about customers - while at the same time yukking it up around vaporware like Teradata Vantage. 2+ years after initial announcing the new vision of the platform, they have implemented Aster functionality in the database engine when customers have many open source alternatives to doing the same thing (and the message is that Spark, Tensorflow, etc. are still coming). Nice to see they have committed more to social media postings, but the product, consulting and everything else is suffering. Continue to hear about really smart folks leaving for greener pastures, and the fallout from the January RIF in the US is starting to be felt (the company has reached out to some to come back!) Feel sorry for the long term customers, but management wouldn't know that.

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