Thread regarding International Game Technology layoffs

Earnings for SGMS on 21 Feb

Hold on to your bums Dearest, the 21 February earnings call at SGMS will be most interesting. It's make or break time; albeit, outside analysts are expecting a decline in earnings, making SGMS at minimum, in near coma. That is until they shed a large amount of actual debt to bring down their outgo.

No big surprise there.

Nevertheless, over at IGT- they are expecting a rally within the next two years due to their oversold share status, compounded positively by their Italy tax situation, and the latest report that their burden of debt is reducing, now $7B (U.S). Not great, but it's an improvement over last year.

Meanwhile at Aristocrat, they are gaining market share in leaps and bounds. Little wonder why, they control their debt and aren't the sluggish behemoths like IGT and SGMS. It seems those at Aristocrat remember how His Majesty's Navy - using smaller British Corvettes defeated the mighty Spanish Armada in the English Channel because they could maneuver quickly!

What does this all mean?

Layoffs at SGMS - Yes, quite possible. I hear they're like drowning sailors over there scratching and clawing anything and everything to gasp that precious last gulp of air.

Layoffs at IGT- not likely, but given their past history, it's a coin toss.

Aristocrat? No, they are eagerly expanding.

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Aristocrat just had layoffs, not large scale but 70 people from R&D.

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