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wow...just got GE announcement their dividend ..0.01 /share

Not sure I would waste my time putting out a press release for 0.01 / share. I understand the need to make the announcement but at 0.04 per year per share total. Keep your money GE. What a damn slap in your face. We keep hearing FCF is tight why not just keep your 4 useless cents ? How many stockholders were counting a GE dividend. Immelt is laughing all the way to the bank. The only reason they are paying anything is because some mutual funds require stock to pay a dividend for them to invest in the company. Just another example of smoke and mirrors of GE.

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Principles of "Jeff"onomics

  1. Buy high , sell ( write off) low ... every acquisition deal except Enron / Zond wind acquisition

  2. Buy back stock with cash ( $24B in ,'16/17 ) screw up debt ratio, credit rating , then screw investors ( both dividend wise and stock price)

  3. Throw all stakeholders ( current employees , past employees , investors, suppliers) under the bus ( "Equal opportunity )

  4. Live in a bubble ( sip " you are the best kool aid" served by Beth) .. stay delusional ( Top 10 in software) ... Receive and give "smoke and mirrors" presesentations

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That is one hell of a list - "1orb" and you wonder why no one has confidence in GE. How is that GE corporate is even needed ? It is a mere shell of what it once was ...

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No one should be surprised at the penny dividend. There is no cash for dividends let alone operating needs and debt which is coming due.

This is exactly why I sold the stock when it was between $30-32 and have not bought back in yet.

There is not enough cash to retire the corporate bonds that are coming due in 2019 and 2020.

There are no more short cycle businesses of any volume left to support the long cycle businesses and thus cash flow is negative.

Capital continues to have surprises.

Pension is underfunded.

This is why GE will sold more stock in Oil and Gas than the original run rate/ lock up plan.

This is why Transportation had the deal reworked for more cash and less stock ownership.

This is why the Healthcare deal is so heavily full of debt and pension.

This is why GE Water was sold.

This is why Intelligent Platforms had chunks sold off and sites like Salem set to close.

This is why Small and Specalty Motors was sold to Wolong. Also, why Peterborough Large Motors was closed and other sites set for closure along with the Solar business moved under Renewables.

This is why Lighting Europe and Automotive was sold to Tungsaram

This is why GE Capital Trade Payables Vendor Finance was Sold to MUFG Union Bank (Mitsubishi)

This is why the new HQ building is not being built.

This is why HQ’s have been reorganized and many layers of leadership have been removed. Examples of HQ’s Power Portfolio Gas Power, Energy Connections, Renewables, US Wind and Grid Solutions.

This is why the back office functions in Global Operations and IT are being sold off to Genpact and others.

This is why the Tax Department was sold to PricewatterhouseCoopers PwC.

This is why GE Digital Predix and other assets were sold or spun off.

At the end of the day 2 Jet Jeff’s decisions to buy and sell $100B in businesses with a net increase in corporate debt of $80B along with selling nearly all of the short cycle businesses has left the leadership with no other options but to sell businesses for cash flow.

Investors, employees and retirees have no real clue on how massive the transformation has been in the last few years and exactly what assets are remaining to generate cash flow in order to cover liabilities. What is now traded under the GE Stock Ticker is a shell of what was convered even a few years ago.

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