Thread regarding Tech Mahindra layoffs

This company and its upper management is such a joke.

The company is spending a lot of money and giving themselves stupid awards like

CEO of the year

Future company of the year

Innovative company of the year to increase their brand value

CEO c.p gurnani is so desperate to change his tarnished Image that he is giving stupid paid interviews where he gives outlandish solutions. He is making his chamchas create fake accounts in twitter to praise him as the best CEO of the country while his company has been in cost cutting mode for past 2 years.

Tech Mahindra has become a laugh stock among its clients and it's competitors.

CEO has singlehandedly destroyed the company's reputation with his totalitarian decisions and his attention seeking mentality.

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For the guy who said to start a new company. Dude don't you get tired of typing the same thing in every comments section.

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If jokers can run company this big, you too can, quit and start a company.

or else find out what is that that drives the company even if jokers are incharge.

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It is not management, it is the life of employees that is becoming a cruel joke .

The cartel of It services companies has ensured that employee are never in position of demanding right pay or fair working conditions. If you change companies to focus on a specific technologies or domain, you will be labelled as unstable .

If you stay in the company you will be rotated into irrelevance so that you cant switch jobs and live at the mercy of the company.

feel really sorry or fresher in support and testing an other low end roles, just to get a job they are ruining their lives and careers as they come to abrupt end

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company reputation is bad from beginning. tech m has been buying awards fro long time.

They even bought one for PM Modi, seoul peae prize.

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