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3G at it again! What plant will close next?

Bernardo Hees and his kronies are at it again. Can anybody tell me what the c-appy 2018 results mean? Well if you can't, I will tell you! More plants are going to close! 3G is not interested in running a business, they are interested in making money. Why is it, every time they purchase an organization, like Kraft foods or Heinz, the first thing they do is get rid of everyone that is dedicated to the business. Then hey hire a bunch of id--ts (young and disillusioned folks) who have neither the experience nor the ability to run a business. They flash their cost cutting ability, pump up their stock value and get investors to invest in the company. This model is a ponzi scheme plain and simple. Just look at what they did to Heinz when they bought it.

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They just cut everybody that has senority and knowledge, see if the cut position hurts the business and if it does, rehire a new out of school who doesn’t know and doesn’t want to know how a plant works. When 3G bought kraft, the stock was at 71$ in July 2015. Look now, 35$. I think the playbook and ZBB works after all.

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Same thing happening at anheuser busch by same group.

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