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HR works for the company not the employee

HR works for the company not the employee. HR's role is to protect the company. You people need to understand this , its so funny people thinking HR is someone looking out for the employee LOL

Reposted this from @XgZpKPq-xksw , as I find the OP to be 100% right.

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at dell it roles follow these guidelines;

  1. managers' are there to protect company from employees

they do not "inspire" or "motivate", rather they "govern" and "control"

they are good at controlling technologists / techies, there's no place for well rounded business consultants

  1. HR is there to protect company from managers

they do not care about employees

the sooner you understand this, the better your life will be at this company

dell is a "make money - american greed driven"; milk the cow dry, cut its pieces and make more money

customers are leaving in droves - most banks and large financial institutions are changing vendors; they do know what is going on.

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It's true for the most part but I have seen HR flip on management and push for the employee. But it's rare. It requires a manager (or up) to be doing something really bad.

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It is pretty much like that everywhere..

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