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massive reorganization layoffs underway

Since summer they have been working their way down the food chain and laying off people bit by bit. They are now at the larger base of the pyramid. Each level around 15-30% layoffs for downsizing stateside. Almost 20% of our department was let go this month. This is in preparation for larger facility closures that have also begun.

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I was among the approximately 500 "laid off" in October 2017. I was offered a severance package of $1200 (pretax), filled out and sent in the required paperwork. Guess what...they lost the paperwork...oh what a surprise. Then started the "we need you to resubmit" merry-go-round to the point where I said screw it. Never bothered with them again. They were horrible to work for from the beginning with work that was never consistent for the less than 2 years I was there. Had a revolving door of supervision so you never knew what to expect from management...I think my longest term supervisor was a little less than 3 months, which really was a red flag in retrospect. I would be willing to bet I worked on 100 different accounts in my time with Nuance...all with different specs and report requirements, so getting comfortable with an account wasn't possible because just as soon as you did you were transferred to a new one...but wait...6 months later you get transferred back. This was a never-ending scenario. As you see there could be a Netflix miniseries about Nuance but it would be hard to classify as Comedy...Drama...or Horror or maybe a combination of the three, but for me the best would be a Western where I rode off into the sunset saying "Adios Nuance and keep the severance, being rid of you is blessing enough." Retirement is great.

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