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A good view on things

Long term employee until recently. I have seen many employees come and go at our campus. From financial aid to student services to instructors, education managers, admissions, directors even campus presidents. Some of those leaving left of their own choosing, some were fired because of job performance and some were forced out due to reductions in force. I left on my own by the way. Unbelievable amount of turnover!

A good number of those who were fired or laid off were good employees but p-ss-d off their manager in some way. Once your manager had it in for you, they would paint an unfavorable picture of you with the management team. Once that happened, they would start documenting every little thing you may have done that was against their official policies while other employees or management would break those same rules.The next step was a PIP (Personal improvement Plan). Once that happened that was pretty much it. You were never digging yourself out of that hole.

I would bet few if any of those former employees would have anything good to say about working at UTI. I actually see it on social media with the ones I am still in contact with. UTI is fighting this image portrayed by former employees from all of it's campuses I'll bet. Not to mention the thousands of unhappy former students posting on internet forums.

The interesting thing about the students is that they are surveyed after each 3 week course and management sees this data. We get to see the data and the surveys are generally favorable, actually to the point of them being very happy at UTI. From my perspective, the student surveys reflect their opinion about their instructor on a personal level. They may have the same instructor for multiple courses throughout their program and actually build some sort of a relationship with most of them. They don't want to get the instructor in any hot water so they just check off all fours and fives, (favorable numbers on the survey). Most of the time they don't even read the questions on the 20 or 40 question survey. Management/home office sees this and assume everything is going great and never change anything. When the students get out into the real world however it's a totally different ball game as most look back at their time at UTI as a waste of time and money and tell other students not to sign up.

Thought that @XLWT3ga-7zyk gave a good summation of some things at UTI. Flt it was worth reposting.

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This post has it correct. Just like this at our location. I won't even try to be friendly with a new employee because they will probably be gone in a month.

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