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So all the techs are gone now... their managers too

Yes, the store-level IT techs were told they were going to be laid off, their managers too. Roughly 50+ positions... eliminated.

They were alerted to the company-wide decision a few months back... and as of early February 2019 the layoffs were finalized. (As in, they’re now officially no longer with The Company)

Very sad indeed!

Some, who were in a first wave, were let go with very little lead-time. The first-wavers were generally techs who serviced remote/far-flung stores. They became redundant sooner, as the switch to outsourcing the work (to Unisys) kicked in. Those far-flung stores were a sort of beta test.

So all the techs are gone now... their managers too. Unemployment benefits kicking in now.

A small number of techs were hired by Unisys, and are on the job as Contractors now.

A very small number of positions were actually created because of this large layoff scenario, we have learned.

Those are apparently regional: their main work will consist of “intermediary communication” (so to speak) — someone who can talk to/direct the work of the Unisys techs (who in some cases may not know how to do the simple tech tasks that have a Nordstrom twist.

Hope this helps explain things. I know a few of the techs who were laid off personally.

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