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Typical Marwadi company

Typical Marwadi company run by people who are living in the last century. Most of the upper management are lazy old people who refuse to get retired. Company has one goal only that is to keep the shareholders happy. For that they can stoop to any level. Use South Indian people to stabilize projects and once it's done it is brought back to Pune. Regionalism is rampant especially if you are in Pune. Very tough for people from other states to grow and if there are any layoffs non Marathi people will be the first to thrown away. Freshers try to avoid this company as much as possible as they don't hesitate to even throw freshers out and your IT career will end before it starts. Even if you join try to get into some project and move out of the company as soon as possible. Laterals just avoid this company and don't fall prey to HR's sweet words.

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Whenever I see these type of reviews there is always this one dude running around in comments section asking everyone stupid questions like 'why don't you quit' ' why don't you start your own company' etc. So according to this guy if someone criticise the government then they should form a new government themselves.

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ok dont join this firm quit now. point taken

why dont you start a company and take the work yourself.

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