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Time to admit defeat

At what point does Kim McWaters reign as CEO come to an end? Was her appointment to CEO some sort of experiment that a male dominated industry can be run by a women? She methodically removed anyone from senior management that was from the repair/service industry and replaced them with nothing more than yes men and women. We now have female CPs and Directors who don't even know what we actually do. Under Kims guidance we now have half the student we did ten years ago, empty classrooms, terrible morale and more good people who lost their jobs yesterday. Why is Norwood closing a surprise to anyone. Any instructor could have told you NEVER would you get 2200 students at that campus. I feel sorry for the Norwood people but at this rate you won't be alone in campus closings. We have more campuses and fewer students. They tell us the metro campuses are a success but the total enrollment company wide never goes up. Unfortunally until Kim and her top 40 dingbats are sent packing nothing will change. Kim, do us all a favor and go retire to you million dollar house in Sedona and hopefully someone might be able to save this place. So sad

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The Home Office needs to have serious amount of fat trimmed. Look at the HO Org Chart that shows Directors without a single direct report. Why? Why do they need that title to do that job? Did any of those people get laid off?

They are so top-heavy, it's a wonder their Scottsdale palace doesn't topple.

I gotta find something else to do...

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