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Director level here, just informed that TR AIP target at nearly 135% after jettisoning F&R. Refinitiv AIP at barely 109%. No pro-rated TR AIP for 9 months and RFT for 3 as should be by rights for ex TR. Apparently, they covered this in the fine print earlier in the year. SMH.

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AIP = Annual Incentive Plan

F&R = Financial & Risk

RFT = Refinitiv

TR = Thomson Reuters

SMH = Shaking My Head

Try and keep up

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I'm sorry. TBH I'm surprised we even got what we did.

Ultimately, we got bought out by PE. If they can find a way to line their own pockets, that's what they will do. The employees of the firm's they invest in are a resource like any other, nothing more. It s---s and it's just not what we used to be, but that's where we are. Now it's time for people to figure out for themselves whether they want to stick around for whatever's next or whether they want to GTFO.

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to many acronyms can u simplified in Lehman term

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