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Managment Never Cared

Management at the top never cared, If they did, they would have fixed their severely outdated curriculum years ago. Very little if any overhead cam info in course 101, Electric fans are on most cars today course 101, No timing belt replacement course 1, GPS section of course 125, Air suspension section Course 125, Carburetors Course 104, No actual training anywhere on how to use a flowchart or guided test when it comes do diagnosis. Every course is three weeks long??? I can keep going on and on. If anyone who is currently in the automotive industry took a look at the course material they would laugh at most of it. I don't even think there is a lab task that has students replacing a battery or headlight. They use ignition scopes though! Really, Ignition scopes! they weren't used by mechanics in the field even when they were being made. The course material shows the lack of automotive experience of management don't you think.

Not to put down any instructors but most have been out of the industry for a long time. To them, the old information is comfortable and current. UTI is done, it's over. Time for someone else to take their place.

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Well, they rewrote the curriclum and then never had the money to roll it out everywhere. That was expensive and a huge waste of revenue.

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