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Doubtful on the idea that Allscripts will be fine

Doubtful on the idea that Allscripts will be fine. Allscripts is hemorrhaging money for the last decade. There’s at least two analyst reports out there taking odds on bankruptcy. The odds numbers keep going higher, and are safer bets than betting on the house in Vegas. Coupled with their debt and slow payments to creditors makes for a compelling opposite story. Welcome to the years of financial austerity for them.

Think that @XKMx66J-evca is 100% right on this.

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Glad to be gone, I’ll bet the stock holders would like Glen Tullman back after what Black has done with the company. 6 years of him unhappy employees and the stock in the toilet. He showed up once in the Boston office,maybe twice. What a miserable place to work.

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Allscripts bought out our local National company last year in June.. I have worked for the company for 14 years before Allscripts took over ..just got the boot Tuesday with 15 others and 21 others that were just laid off just two months roughly about 30+ people that have worked for the corporate company 15 to 20 years are with out a job..

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