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Is Schenectady Still Manufacturing?

I keep hearing rumors that the manufacturing operations at Schenectady we’re shutting down last year....we just installed a unit last month that had Schenectady markings on it and I’m curios if it is new or it was sitting in a warehouse some place before it got to the customer. I haven’t been to the Schenectady site in about two years but the last time I was there moral was pretty low. I hope the rumors are not true....especially about steam going to Greenville??.

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GE Schenectady is still working and will be for many years. Moral is good for most people. There will always be a few that hate their job. Work load is light, like most of GE Power, but steady.

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Your hearing a lot of b---s--- from people that would rather stir the pot of rumors vs work for a living! Schenectady moral is in the sh--ter, between management that has made absolutely terrible decisions in the last 4-6 years, and the amount of hourly workers that have no desire to actually work. There is massive amounts of money to be invested in the site this and coming years, not to dress for a sale, because the place isn't closing and work will continue there. The global demand for the products we make is down substantially, a fact that when looked up can be verified. As that demand stats to ramp back up in the next 2-3 years, there will be again lots of work being done in Schenectady NY. Add to that the addition of work for Aviation and the Gas Turbine Blade work being done now and ramping up more soon, there is honest proof that the rumors are just that! Those that have the ability to silence the mo--ns in their ears, will see and live the truth as it happens, those that cant, are just as mo--nic as the ones flapping the jaws of b---s---!!

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