Thread regarding Teradata Corp. layoffs

Facade - story of a company driven by fake smiles and arrogance of wannabes (ref Jan 2019 DCT)

In February 2019, I got fired alongwith dozens of other PS delivery consultants including CIM/RTIM resources in EMEA. No prior notice or even an inkling of upcoming events - those all-hands calls ensuring everything is alright, all the transformation activities are complete, no need to look over the shoulder and suddenly - BAAMMMM! They f*** you in the eyeballs.

Transformation = a new logo and loads of lay-offs of experienced people.

Hire new "graduate consultants" - 3 for the price of 1.

Realize made a mistake by firing important people, because who does homework these days, right? No probs - hire them back.

The spring-cleaning is a show to drive the stock price on the "Street".

I dont know about you, but I regularly listen into the Teradata earnings calls. All the board and the C-suite cares about is the payout they will get from the shares they're owed.

"How" they get it: its by arrogance, mixed with a dollop of ego with a pinch of rash and untimely decisions. The company is definitely headed towards a take-over/buyout.

Absolutely zero concern for customer relationships let alone the dedicated, loyal employees who've put their blood, sweat, tears and a good number of their years into taking the company to where it is right now. For the sake of the good people still left in the organization, I say get out before they rip apart your innards for desert.

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I was in the same team in eastern Europe as you friend. We became redundant in February.

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Very well put. They did pretty much the same thing in Canada a couple of years ago. It is quite astonishing to see that the management and HR functions are ripping off people across the globe in the exact same way. It's a realization that such culture, actions and decisions resulting in a way can be attributed to the very top echelons who really run the business like their own personal fiefdom.

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The most false smile are the talent team and the old managers stay in the company waiting to realize money when spin off will happen with stock options

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