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Forced Distribution Reviews, Still Alive and Kicking Here?

Old HP (before HP / HPE split) had "Forced Distribution Reviews", AKA "kill teamwork policy", AKA "make your co-workers look bad, so that you can look better than them", for raises for you and layoffs for them. HPE has now done away with them, and with written reviews, entirely. See HPE gives up performance ratings ... Managers will still rank you for raises (or none) or bonuses (or none), but you don't see the rankings... Just the results of the rankings (in the form of your pay decisions). So the temptations towards un-ethically-competing with your co-workers are still there, but less obvious.

... What is the status of such things at HP now

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Forwards and onwards and upwards, ALWAYS remains the order of the day, comrades!!! Forced marches or forced or farced distribution reviews, whatever you may call it, "machs nix"!!! Matters NOT!

March onwards, comrades, for the glories of your paychecks, promotions, and NOT getting laid off! Making your co-workers look worse than yourselves is just a small price to be paid, for the Greater Glory!

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more trolling by an OP.

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Focus on getting money and nothing else. If you can't get as much as you want, move on. Don't expect to apply logic to how it's determined. Remind you managers that is the only reason you are there. Not praise, not recognition, not back rubs. Money. $$$. Anybody that is working for something else is a fool.

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