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Intentional Self Inflicted Advertising Hit

Curious what other p&g employees thing of the most recent Gillette advertising campaign that's the vast majority of the public is considering a s-xist attack on men.

Worst yet we're reading in company emails saying don't believe what your seeing and hearing, that the company's advertisers are assuring most of the public agree with the message the new commercial portrays. Despite 1.1 million thumbs down on Youtube, with individuals commenting that their dislike votes are being erased.

As an employee at the Boston Gillette site, am I crazy to think this may actually be intentional...?

Since P&G bought Gillette, sales only have known a constant downtrend, especially in the last 5 years alone. With half the plant now empty of machines due to lack of demand, 40 acres of South Boston waterfront property values in the billions, and a brand new massive 500 million dollar plant in West Virginia, could this actually be intentional?

To use a general public which rejects the toxic masculinity message as an excuse why sales fell and now have to close the original Boston location of a brand that was on top of the world?

Not to mention the month of November 2018, all the top executives sold of hundreds of thousands of company shares, valued in the millions after the stock price jumped back into the $90 range.

Should this be true, ultimately causing me to lose my job, putting my future in jeopardy for the sake of cost savings due to their own failed business logic, may all those responsible be the victims of the most harsh form of karma there is...

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