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The ultimate recipe for failure

BB&T has gotten to the point of being one the absolutely worst places to work. Morale is horrible at most locations and they hire the MDP or LDP folks straight out of college with no experience at anything other than partying and put them in a management position running a department they have no clue about. The ultimate recipe for failure. They don’t value the employees who have experience. This company started a downward spiral when John Allison retired. They place way to much importance on a college degree. Most of the people working in management positions have college degrees that have absolutely nothing to do with the job they hold. A lot of hiring and promotion decisions in the department (merchant services) I worked in were based on friendships or who you know. Horrible place to work. And these MDP and LDP associates get treated like royalty and appear to be immune to layoffs.

Found that @VTNAZ7u-1jueb caught the essence of the situation with this post.

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Maybe in the past MDP and LDP were held in higher regard but as a company they did invest more heavily in those employees and expected a higher return. Regardless, the past 2 years have seen a large number of these associates impacted by the RIF so they are not immune as you stated.

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