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SSL VPN Client for SRX

When is Juniper going to get its own SSL VPN client? Other than general platform stability this is the number one thing holding Juniper back. Cisco has its own SSL VPN. Fortinet has its own. Juniper is just asleep at the wheel here. Without a SSL VPN client Juniper isn't even a contender.

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@XebSBWH-dxn, this is, after all the site. Here's something to thing about:

Advanced minds discuss ideas

Average minds discuss events

Weak minds discuss people.

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Someone educate me here. Is this guy just randomly injecting the word “layoff” in the discussion here to boost Google page rank? Or spread rumor to help short stock? Or go long?

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IMHO, It is unlikely an ssl-vpn client will be productized anytime soon by juniper unless it fits in with the current plans to build cloud technology solutions. It appears the CTO is focused on this angle, as he builds his parallel universe / fiefdom.

Wasn't Pulse, which was sold off, the technology you are talking about? Do you believe lacking this (critical) product could lead to more layoffs?

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