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BB&T has changed so much in the past several years

This was a good company once that appreciated its employees and treated us well. Those days are long gone now.

Today, we are all about profits for shareholders and nothing else. Anything and anybody will become a victim of the never-ending race for more and more and more...

Employees are treated like numbers. Just cut whatever you think you don't need and move on. Budget cuts are ridiculous - we are expected to do so much more with less money each time. And when we manage to do the impossible, it is never recognized.

It pains me to see what this once great company has turned into.

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It's not John Allison's bank anymore, he believed in the employees, Kelly King ruined it. Such a shame as SunTrust and BB&T are so different.

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I totally agree. BB&T is becoming more about the bottom dollar and less about customers. It is sad to see the beginning of the end for a once great company who had so much potential were it not for corporate greed :-/

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