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Terrible culture

There has been a huge change in company culture in the past decade or so. This used to be a place where people enjoyed working. At least I did. But that has changed so much, this place is now nearly unrecognizable.

Morale is horrible, nearly all people I work with look miserable most of the time. The community that once existed is now completely gone.

I guess things started to change once focus shifted to acquisitions and all the layoffs that came with them (and let's be hones, a lot of them turned out to be huge mistakes we ended up paying for.).

I keep hoping things will get better again, but sadly this is our reality now.

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Open your eyes after Q1, with low sales results will be a disaster.

So another RIF will occurs ... no way to improve, no products, no solution and no new customer. SAP please buy us

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Well stated and the truth, as there have been other threads regarding the layoffs that state the same kinds of things. Hard to view the positive spin the company is putting on in social media, when anyone that was part of the companies success is no longer there. I suppose that the end goal was to create a start up company feel, and just bring in a bunch of new people who don't know how good this company used to be. New sales management has come from the outside, and by their own actions just want to look at SFDC dashboards, want no part of long term customer relationships, and just want to sit back and ridicule performance. The culture has done a 180. OR obviously got what he wanted as the CEO role, and rammed his viewpoint down those in the field that basically said we no longer want to talk about our product anymore. Let's see how that works out.

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