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Who else is worried about earnings report?

If the results are bad - and let's be realistic, chances are they will be - then I wouldn't be surprised if major layoffs are immediately announced as a damage control measure. And I mean major, nothing small or even medium would be able to properly cushion really bad results.

Which is why I'm stressing more than usual ahead of Feb. 7. Am I just being paranoid?

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They are preparing the company for the spin off: PS out , Q4 result good and Stock Up.

Good cash for the board.

That is the real Vantage .... Vantage for the board.

The PS will be split to several local distributors.... they don’t need to sell all in one shot. First country Swiss

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4q is probably o.k. They had what sales they had before the Jan 7, 2019 layoffs where they cut they cut 800 people about 25% (many top sales people and the new account sales plus support staff PS and consultants)...…. so unless you think the 800 people added nothing to sales - lookout for 2019. This was what the 7th or 8th layoff in the last 2 years? Competitors like snowflake are hiring and growing. TDC is shrinking and dying. Customers want off TD and are moving off.

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The Q4 result are : revenue good but GM below Q4 2017 result.

Big lay-off will happen in May after Q1 result

That will be a disaster.

With salesman fire and moral to -10 nobody will get order .

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I looks the numbers will be just fine....... From the OR press release on Jan 14:

"Teradata also announced today that, although final results will not be available until normal year-end review procedures are completed, it currently expects the Company’s fourth-quarter and full-year 2018 total revenue, recurring revenue and annual recurring revenue (ARR) results to be in line with, or better than, its most recent guidance. Teradata will not be providing any additional information regarding its fourth-quarter or full-year performance until it reports final results in early February 2019."

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I’m not, I don’t care anymore. They will spin the numbers into a story that the majority likes so which is what they always do. The reorg thstbis occuring is pretty much what it was 2 or 3 years ago so I find that very funny

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