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I was with Fedex for a very long time, they offer this every few years because they had a no lay off policy. I chose to take the buyout and they gave me a beautiful severance package. Couldn’t have made a better move, even though I loved working for the company. It also gives the company a chance to move people around, promote people within, and obtain new talent, creating an even better company.

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honestly we've done fairly good - most companies have frequent layoffs and we do not, sometimes we have buyouts, maybe every four years or so but that's for salaried only and hourly workers are typically protected. also, hourly workers have high attrition rates and that eliminate the need to reduce workforce as people leave on their own. we are also a well organized company, that helps as we are nimble while growing, so you got to admit we are better than your average company (large in size). i have been with fedex for over 20 years now and i have many friends who work for other large companies and they all have layoffs all the time. i am blessed or should i say i feel blessed because i do not have to put up with stuff like this. our pay is not the best but is decent and it's ok with me as long as work is stable. i know it's a long rant but i felt like someone needs to hear the worker as well and as such i feel blessed.

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