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Creating a competition with new hirings

The hirings at TD are made to create an atmosphere on competition between the newcomers and the long-time employes and my take on the situation is that after a while layoffs will be coming and the “older workers” are much closer to being cut. Basically, they want to see which new employees can produce similar or better results than the old ones and then they will cut the old employees which would end up training their replacements. The only older employees that will stay are the ones that couldn’t be substituted in terms of performance, and are, in that context still valuable for the company. I want to say that this is only my take on the situation, given that I don’t have any on this or haven't even heard a rumor.

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No I disagree.

There is not competition in a company that will be split and sold.

The new just joined because need a job

Any good consultants will NOT join this company unless is desperate because you cannot build your carrier is such env.

Agree ?

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