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Everybody is disposable

Nobody is safe here anymore. Literally nobody (well, except for those on top, of course.) No matter your experience, no matter your knowledge - you can be replaced (or at least Teradata thinks so.)

Anybody who has been here for a few years knows by now that layoffs are never about performance. We see our best people leave and some of the worst stay. Leadership doesn't care that this affects our results. They get their short-term savings and they are happy. After all, they'll get a bonus out of it.

The rest of us? We are screwed. I'd advise everybody to start looking for a new job right now. There is no future here.

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TD is doomed because the CEO vision was excellent 20 Years ago.

Trasformation require intelligence people not only a famous consulting firm.

The best TD R&D is gone ... only the traveler Steve repeat story that are good for students not for CIO.

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Any time you start feeling safe, you are expendable. If you are not proving your worth to the business every day, your days are and should be numbered. TD is doomed because too many old timers think the old ways are the best ways. One trick ponies.

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100% Agree. Indead they need to sell it before Gartner put TD out of the leader.

BTW that is too late so fire and reduce the cost is the only way to stay a become the next Informix, Sybase, DataAllegro, Netezza,

Redbrick ........ and disappear. 2019 is the GameOver. Austrian CEOs are rock.

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Couldn't agree more, besides that the most recent Gartner report has them well below many competitors with even Snowflake moving into the Leaders quadrant. They can't even convince Gartner that they still have the right strategy and ability to execute - honestly it seems that only the LT team believe what they are saying. Many of the best technical folks have left for companies that are actually growing, and that the contemporary customers are interested in. So many alternatives in the market to support analysis of data and they started getting squeezed out of this a long time ago due to price performance and continue to sink........

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