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Synamedia is supporting the status quo of the TV industry

My view is that Synamedia is supporting the status quo of the TV industry (and hoping it will stay that way) betting on smart cards and old technology. (why still depending on HW while careless CA offers all the benefits). We are on the eve of massive disruption like the iphone disrupted the telco industry. Leading this change is of course a bit risky, what if you are wrong. But with 5G acceleration to the cloud will happen and I totally miss a vision and innovation build around that. I have not seen any whitepapers that show thought leadership and deep knowledge of the latest technology. I only hear 'the biggest video service provider bla bla' Mediakind can say the same, Kaltura as well, depends just how you define biggest. Soon it turns out we have very little new to offer and just selling lots of empty words.

Reposted this post by @XiYc97x-1ctt m which was originally a reply to another topic on this board. Couldn't agree more with the OP.

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If you want to base success on innovation then there’s a correct size for the company - small.
If you want to base success on delivering complex working innovative systems then then right size is bigger.
But right synamedia and SPVSS before it have invested vast amounts of $$$ in building half baked systems based on complex notions that no one really understood. Look at the “architecture” that comes out of the CTO department. Successful individuals in there have built their careers on a pretence of doing architecture when in fact it is -slideware- . That would be fine if it resulted in the work for a few months of a few dozen people, but these hollow soulless fools are guiding the work of thousands. The CTO has never been any more than a moderately good US salesman.

The bean counters need to fix this rot, lose 75% of the engineers and we might have a chance.

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We’re pretty innovative.

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