Thread regarding McKesson Corp. layoffs

ETS/MT/CIT getting the usual, but larger, gutting

Why management believes that just because you attempt to centralize things means that somehow there is less work still mystifies me.

-Security Services getting gutted

-SAP teams getting gutted

-Cloud OPs seems safe- find a way to be cloud related if you can.

-Still haven't sold a single datacenter.

There doesn't seem to be much reason here on the firing (other than, hey, we're f---ing agile, except we aren't), but it's genocidal and perhaps the worst one I've seen in 15 years. Find a place to land before 4/1/19 if you can.

Openings have been announced, no job descriptions to go along with.

Will not be surprised if SAP continues to see impacts, and that they are getting rid of the cybersecurity people... well, it's held together with elmers glue and yarn as it is.

Any bets on Brian Tyler's term of service? I give it 5 years.

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I worked there for awhile. My managers couldn't find a h--ker in a wh--ehouse

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Non-productive managers... isn't that an oxymoron?

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There are just too much overhead. CISO security for instances, absolute mess. Fill with none productive managers. Need a major clean up.

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