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Wabtec UE 506 Erie negotiations.

We at the Erie General electric plant soon to be wabtec are not going to except anything less than what our pay is now and also won't except mandatory overtime or work schedule changes so if wabtec thinks is going to tell us UE506 members what to do it can take all the work elsewhere because we aren't going backwards.

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you guys are going to screw yourselves.......glad I left when I did.....I make a little less money, but I know where I stand with the company at all times, and I know where the company stands with me. This plant is so archaic, they'll walk away faster than you all may think......don't be surprised when the gates are locked up and the lights are out. For those of us that read the writing on the wall previously, our adjustment to the real Erie economy was difficult but also well planned.........unfortunately, most of you are not planning for a total and permanent shutdown.

It saddens me that corporate greed, lack of a well manned skilled labor force in this country, and living above our means have created a complete nightmare for the American worker.......people can't even be proud of what they're building because it's inferior due to cheap steel and cheap labor

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Do you mean "accept"? Wabtec should be capitalized. Udder Dan day, u speaks nice.

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Sad to see that 506er's would rather "send work elsewhere" than "keep it made in Erie." It seems the UE leadership is falsely representing the proposed contract terms to drive their own agenda. I really hope 506 leadership would pass out the full contract terms to its members, so each person could read it for themselves, and have a voice in the hall, rather than being told what to think.

Mandatory overtime- Wabtec only used it twice last year, and workers are allowed to turn it dow up to 3 times... not that bad, really.

Current workers maintain an average of $35/hr.... pretty good. (Engineers start at approximately $30/hr)

New workers get an average of $21.70, better than most people with a 2-4yr. College Degree

Annual bonuses, ratification bonuses, extra money in a 401k to make up for the frozen pension. All sounds generous to me... But hey, not my call.

Best of luck to everyone out there. May God bless you and your families.

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Idaho and Texas thank you for not cowering.

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Wabtec is weak , they have never dealt with a real rank-and-file union before like UE506.

506ers are not coming in to a 100-year-old crummy dirty plant to work weekends at regular pay. Also we don’t work for food stamp eligible wages.

We see other spineless unions cowering to the demands but not us , not now , not on our watch.

We have no problem slitting our own throats as opposed to working for welfare wages imposed by WABTARD.

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Backwards NEVER!!!

Wages “maintained” for a small time frame only, that’s what they’re not telling you.

Stay STRONG 506.

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