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True Keeping Cheaper Workers?

If they're keeping cheap labor and piling on more work for less pay, who wouldn't be ready to go when they have a chance?

It's a compliment to be paid to leave nowadays. Don't fight it. Welcome it. I did.

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  • Ignore the fact that my parents came to the US illegally and brought me here.

  • Ignore that fact that I am making millions and millions of the backs of people who spent a large part of their lives working hard and were dedicated towards ADP.

  • Ignore the fact that I had nothing to do with ADP's success through the years.

  • Ignore the fact that I want to make even more money while I take it from more and more employees.

  • Ignore the fact I have no true vision or leadership qualities.

  • Ignore the fact I have not truly cared about anyone except myself, ever.

  • Ignore the fact my only plan is eliminate 15 to 20 thousand employees as my only way to show paper gains to wall street.

  • Ignore the fact that I have surrounded myself with criminals.

Who am I?

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Im homeshored too, for almost 12 years. I keep waiting for the call from HR. Nerve-wracking.

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Yes! I am homeshored and cannot wait for them to give me my severance! Will be a blessing, waiting...waiting...waiting

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Yeah, you can leave ADP and get paid more to do less work at another company. Certainly a good deal.

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