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AiP/AiPOD Continues With Tuition Scam?

Tuesday, February 5th and still no “official” communication from AiP administrators on leaked March 31 teach out plan.

Skeleton crew operating AiP and AiO.

No new or transfer students being admitted.

Students currently enrolled asking if they should be looking for other options.

Provost adamantly insists media release was inaccurate, DCEH does not have authority to file the closing plan, PA DOE did not approve it, MSCHE did not approve it, and media will be doing a retraction. No official word by AiP or media retraction to date.

No official information to share.

Students can only believe what they are told and local media outlets are the only ones with information and supporting documents.

Will AiP teach out by March 31 or earlier if they do not have adequate funding? Did DCEH have the right to file the teach out document? Should students look for other options? Will a third party swoop in and save AiPOD? If Ai will not provide information can the media dig deeper?

All rhetorical questions.

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Friday, a little more than a week after the media reports AiP is closing March 31 and publishing a teach out document from a DCEH director, official announcement from AiP provost:

“What the media said, except not the closing thing, the receiver thing about blocking closing and looking for a buyer. We’re going to be just fine.” This is verbatim.

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Looks like the receiver is going through and stripping the assets at Argosy this week, maybe next week we’ll see some action at AiP.

AU was told they’d have a buyer and be saved just like AiP is being told.

Tactic to keep employees hopeful?

The more students who persist in classes the more tuition AiP retains the bigger the payout for the receiver’s cut.

Here’s an example of how novice receivers are compensated after the sale of assets:

25% of the first $5,000 disbursed

10% of the next $45,000

5% of the next $950,000, and

3% of anything over $1,000,000.

Dottore, Dottore and Dottore are not novice receivers.

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One week after the AiP teach out media leak.

Still no official word.

No buyer stepping up.

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To faculty who is thinking to resign soon, please pass this information to your students and clean your conscience:


Do not sign anything! Do not transfer!!!

Please check out your options such as school closed discharge: (This applies for federal loans)

Restoration of GI Bill Benefits After School Closure:

If you are not filing for school closure, file for the Defense to Repayment here:

Dispute your private loans here and join the Debt Collective community:

If you need to speak someone for legal advice pro bono, please contact the Harvard Lawyers

Retrieve your transcripts here:

We are an active community ready to organize together. As to my knowledge, Ai Pittsburgh has been hit pretty hard with the layoffs and the announcement to close. This inexcusable poor management has gone on for years.

Here is proof of the recruitment tactic committed by the Art Institute from EDMC. Dream Center likely did not change how they aggressively recruited too:

The lawsuit win against DeVos:

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The MSCHE 1/15 request may have been because they were notified of the upcoming closing of AiP.

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With all that’s been going on with MSCHE (check and look under AiP, 1/15 they requested additional information by 1/26 aside from the 3/15 report) it’ll be interesting to see how they react to interim president removal and provost becoming point person at AiP.

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Can you provide links to PA DOE and MS responses? Not able to find this information.

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It is a complete sham at this point! Having students ask me, daily, what is going on makes me sick. Resigning ASAP. Not worth the bad karma any longer.

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This whole thing has turned into a 60 minutes documentary -- what an abomination to education--

so called leaders should be ashamed of themselves and banned from the education sector forever.

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