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Growth is necessary

Growth is necessary.

If no growth, no talent.

If there is growth, opportunities open up, new departments, more headcount, more maneuvering space, new projects, new product, careers flourish.

If there is no growth, all land and property is taken, people just protect their turf.

A simple but a truthful post. OP is @XriysQ4-2sem

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No one is buying your boxes. What growth? What creativity? You guys are data entry operators. The only difference is you use some sophisticated tools instead of manual entring data. You technical leadership knows nothing about science and technology. They just have presentable profiles. Not to mention, the major chunk of revenue comes from consultancy, those guys who provide constant support.

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no growth, no buyer. who wants a declining, proprietary HW / SW provider.... just look at the reaction to the takeover of CA. Street hates the deal.

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You don’t need grow if you sell the company

You need efficiency :

so cost cutting

Stock rise to 70

Good gain for investors and board

The grow will be responbily of the buyer

Like Microfocus with IBM or SAP with hybris.

This road is signed and clear

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