Thread regarding Dream Center Education Holdings, LLC (DCEH) layoffs

Art Institute of Las Vegas

The Commission has received notice from Dream Center Education Holdings of the intended closure of the Art Institute of Las Vegas by March 31, 2019. This will permit student to complete the current semester prior to the closure. DCEH has indicated that the campus will hold student meetings concerning the closure and will hold transfer fairs. Students in attendance at the time of closure who are unable to transfer to another institution may be eligible for indemnification if the student experienced out of pocket expenses for tuition and fees.

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Good luck getting a plug nickel back from this con enterprise. Once they've got the money the con will never for a second consider that they've done wrong. Their justification is encapsulated in the age old con creado that states: "I stole it fair and square and you were stupid enough to fall for it so it's all your fault."

Here's a site to help with the" borrower's defense" rule garbage:

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