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Home Depot said it was laying off less than 1,000 people, but declined to give further specifics. However, a thread on TheLayoff, a website in which laid-off workers discuss developments, highlighted the national reach of the cuts.

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Home Depot failed on all cylinders for years on the installation side ,HDE ,the stores covered up the loses ,the bean counters shuffled the deck to make it appear that HDE was happy and healthy corporate never had a clue as to what was going on . The Home Improvement buisness has always been a local mom and pop culture it will never change it can’t be nationalized ,to many nuances with different markets ,they tried to apply one size fits all ,doesn’t work, but they tried I’ll give them that ,I feel sorry for all the people that that gave it there all ,,this layoff does not effect less than a thousand it effects many thousands of people and families ,don’t listen to corporate big wigs it’s BS which they have been doing for years to HDE employees . Always trying to paint the HD pretty picture ,reality is this was all about shareholders the funds that hold the stock control the Depot that’s who make the decisions even the corporate big wigs change position year after year replaced by next man up company is run in in circles left hand doesn’t know what right hand is doing ,only thing they have right is the stores ,RETAIL business ,buy merchandise mostly made in China and and sell it , simple concept they can do that well. Then there’s the hiring spree in the spring big news HD hiring 50 K people what they don’t say is that there part time ,no benefits,and most wil be let go just a smoke and mirror company. Signed see you suka

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