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RIF 2019 underway

5 teammates in my immediate group (all FTE) got axed this past Monday.

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Microsoft US Sales Organization (MSUS) in Global Sales, Marketing and Operations is undergoing another RIF. Started back in May 2019 is rolling out and ongoing as Q4 closes.

This is typical Microsoft to purge 20% based on stack ranking at end of fiscal year. But HR states that stack ranking no longer exist....another lie.

Microsoft is targeting older (50+ yo), tenured, Level 63-64 with over 10 years tenure at company, and many who have medical/physical disabilities.

If you are any in any of these categories you are will be targeted

  1. White male

  2. 50 years or older;

  3. 60 yo + - you are on the top of the list (unless you are in management)

  4. Have a formal medical accommodation request from your physician

  5. Have a formal physician documented medical and/or physicial disability

  6. You do not brown nose your manager or GMs; or pat yourself on your own back for doing your job

  7. Have filed a ERIT against your manager, GM or another individual in Microsoft management, and/or Microsoft Corporation for valid reasons (s-xually discrimination, s-xually abuse, disabilities, workplace medical accommodations, age discrimination, race discrimination, s-xual preference discrimination, etc.

  8. Have filed an EEOC claim against Microsoft Corporation for valid reasons.

  9. Ever disagree with your manager in public setting

  10. Ever write valid concerns and managerial performance feedback on your MSPOLL

  11. Ever questioned the constantly changing performance metrics

What do you expect from a CEO Leader who is a self proclaimed Marxist?

Hopefully talent in the IT job market will take notice of MSFT's discriminatory practices.

This push out of older tenured employees makes way to bring in more H1B visa indentured servants at a low cost to back fill US FTEs and bringing in more contractors staffed with H1B visa indentured servants working out of Costa Rica and Canada. Also, Microsoft loves to bring in new hire from colleges, with no work experiences so that they can pay them indentured servant wages.

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Early retirement just means you made it to 55 so keep vesting stock, and may get up to a years salary since you are being RIF not fired. Unfortunately if you have a bad review they will most likely wait to manage you out rather than pay you off. Actually making it to 55 in Msft in itself is an enormous success since HR will keep trying to get you moved into the lower quartile for being 'too long in level' etc.

The danger zone is any age above 45-50, at which point the industry itself will decide you are not the 'recent graduate' they are looking for.

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how do you ask for "early retirement"? assuming that contains a severance package?

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Someone (Director Level) sent a goodbye email saying he was offered an "early retirement".

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Cannot you provide some more info or do not post at all? Which group is it?

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