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Top performers fired while low performing c-ap stay

This layoff shows a lot about the delusional CEO and his team's ability to assess the business and what it takes to run it. Almost half of the Professional Services team was laid off. Some other laid-back cost wasting headcounts are treated as gems and not made redundant instead.

Good performing area sales VPs were let go while the poor performing sales VPs are still there drawing fat paychecks there. There is this sales VP who got lucky during his last 5 or so years in the company, spending most of his time dining and wining off company's expenses with his girlfriend while benefiting off the work of the good sales reps working under him. Turds like these were not let go instead. It's a total FUBAR now.

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Sounds like Dave Woodcock. This bloke continued his mess at Gigamon and CrowdStrike. Got let go eventually. How many times he needs to do the same cr-p over and over again?

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Current management is a dead wood. Need to remove.

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