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Argosy Florida is closing

I heard some students were told to stop attending by their professors last week. What's worse, it looks like there is no transferring credits to other schools - everybody will have to start from zero!

Once again, it's the students who get screwed over in all of this the most.

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And the fleece goes on...

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The suspense is terrible! I hope it will last...

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Since you are not forthcoming with the facts either, it is difficult to ascertain the credibility of your advice concerning staying in school. Many students attending these schools, if they still exist, are obviously in a vulnerable situation and through no fault of their own have been wrongfully sensitized to being deceived by being constantly lied to.

These fraud mills, if they were responsible, which they have never been, ideally should have devised an orderly plan to assist students with transitioning to whatever is next without what you refer to as all the "drama."

But this they did not do because this was a fraudspiracy from the start and NEVER about the students' welfare. If anyone has anything of substance to say I invite you to refrain from the "go to class and do your best" paternalistic platitudes and save the jive.

Students need guidance and definitive options on how to move forward without falling victim to the continuing rapine.

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Time to stop talking if you don’t have the facts. The decision to accept transfer credits is based on regional accreditation from WASC and the transfer school. It has nothing to do with the current situation. Stop creating drama and scaring students. Go to class and do your best.

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