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First the new COO, after hat new leadership, and then reorgs

See a lot of people are celebrating the possibility of a complete switch of leadership, I would advise thinking twice before being happy with that. While I'm no fan of the current leadership and realistically the company can use a change, with new people come new ideas and there is no chance that whoever new takes the wheel could allow the thing to stay the way they are. So with new leadership, we can definitely expect huge reorgs on lower levels.

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Don't be too hopeful about Olivier. He is a yes man of Paal and has implemented the NWW by the letter. He is a key part of it and will not sc-ap it.

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It is all about services, products and people, the PK masquerade "transformation" was a fraud all he did was to reduce spend in all the above. So good news he is moving on for long term stock and employees.

I do not see anything ground breaking in the new COO to suggest he will be 0.1% different from what SLB currently has in place. Why?

There will be no matching of oil companies into renewable or other sectors. there will be the bare minimum investment in people and there will more re-org of cycle of joining and splitting technology and geography on an annual basis.... split, join and repeat over and over.

There will be a small step into data but this will be at the result of reducing HC everywhere as it is expensive.


Average result for stock-holders (new COO boss)

Average for employees and an opportunity missed, unless he breaks his own mould

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Biggest problem at slb and many other large corps is that they're unwilling to accept that value is truly added on the front lines.

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I agree with this post. Pk's effort has exhausted, the company needs new fresh breath to wash the laziness and junks who taking hide behind mafia. May new leadership uses bulldozer to kick out old mafia and fat people who been eating too much from bloated pay checks.

God bless blue blood. Screw unethical people whom contaminated blue blood

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It doesn't take much thought to treat a business like a college institution.

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