Thread regarding Western Digital Corp. layoffs

You should have an exit strategy

Actually, NO ONE is safe. It doesn't matter where you're employed, there's simply no loyalty anymore between employer and the employee(s). Update your resume and keep a portfolio of your work, so that you have proof of your abilities and competence. Keep both your soft and hard skills up to date.

You should have an exit strategy, which includes at least one (1) year's salary in a savings account (you can't count on your severance package to tide you over until the next job). Sorry, but given the current company leadership (or gross lack thereof) things are only going to get worse (especially at WD), instead of better.

I really wish everyone, especially my former co-workers, colleagues, and friends, the best of luck. Get out now while you still can.

Thought this was some good advice from @XZgzpeJ-2jym

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