Thread regarding SAP layoffs

Wonderful HR, wonderful SAP....

Already one week i had the call to prevent me i'm fired... However, i tried to reach my local HR to know more about delay and details..

Not possible, they were on vacation last week...., i also opened a ticket in HR System last week, just transferred to my local HR yesterday...

I tried to reach local HR again yesterday, no answer ...

So i'm officially fired, but i don't have any details about availability date, compensation and so on... (i'm in EMEA)

I cannot answer to other companies reached me through my updated Linked profile.

Thanks SAP, thanks HR.

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If you're in France, you should have unions to protect you.

If you're in North America and can't speak English - maybe that was a criterion for laying you off?

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"i had the call to prevent me"???

Do you mean they called to inform you? (French prévenir = English inform/warn)

Sorry, not being picky, and I sympathise 101 % with your plight. But a lot of people would be completely thrown by your opening sentence.

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