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Do not sign the severance agreement!!

You are worth more than 2 weeks pay. This is a joke! Most companies give 6 months minimum.

I have applied to 3 jobs so far and each asked:

  1. Have you signed any Non-disclosure agreements?

  2. Have you signed any Non-compete agreements?

Don’t throw away your knowledge and future options for a few months pay.


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I think it's 2 weeks for each year you've worked there, 8 weeks minimum. Plus, I've been "relieved of duty" well before my termination date, so I still have my health insurance and paycheck for another month. The most severance I've ever gotten is 2 months.

Other companies seem pretty eager to poach us. I was notified of my termination 2 weeks ago and I have an offer already.

t. american

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I have been caught in general layoffs 2 times. Both times the severance package was 2 months. Also both times since I was on the bench, I was out looking for a job and started a new job the next week at the same pay.

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I see it differently;

  • i dont want to sue them, it's a hassle

  • i am ok with the payout at this level

  • i want to move on and never look back

my two cents. everyone's position is different, for me moving on is the number one priority - i just want this episode over. i am 95% sure i will be gone w/in 30 days and this is an extra motivator as i look for a new job.

good luck all

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Treat it as a contract and get legal advice. Everything is negotiable. This is 2019. Good luck!

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Good points! Thanks!!

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6 months pay? Don't be delusional, this is 2019.

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