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Just lost my job in NYC

Sad but just got laid off in NYC

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When a company lays you off, it has been my observation that you, as an ex-employee of XYZ Corporation are far better off for it. They don't lay off people unless they are suffering.

But - getting fired for non-performance is on you. That too isn't the worst thing, it means you failed, do better. I recommend every needs to get fired once in their life, it humbles you. It puts your ego in check that all that garbage your Momma told you about how precious you are is exactly that, garbage.

Welcome to life 101. Ok, you can walk around feeling like you just got kicked in the rump, or you can say, "that was the kick I needed to motivate me to do better, MUCH better!"

Regardless, of your separation reason, it was time. Admit it, you didn't like that place anyway.

Think about about it, just think if you were still there.

Meanwhile, it's not fun to be laid off, it messes with your head, your self-esteem and your overall balance on your checkbook. A person who works finds fulfillment on a personal level when they are working, they feel useful, but NOT if it is a lousy job.

Now that we have recognized some of the down sides to being laid off, there are definite upsides. Now you have time to search AND pursue a new job. You couldn't really do that while working eight (or more) hours a day, commuting, doing house chores, etc. There's only so many hours in a day!

Reality check: one thing folks really shouldn't forget- website searching for a job a total B U L L S H I R T. Ever notice how lots of those jobs are stale listings and really aren't worth much more than click-bait? Yep, that's the truth.

Or Headhunters who call you (because you applied for a job thinking it was permanent) only to call you with temp work paying 1/2 or less of what you're worth?

Puleeeeze! You would make more money pushing the bum out of his place on the street corner, holding a sign that said, "Why lie, I need a beer." But let me tell you something, you'd better be ready to kick his rump because that's his meal ticket! BTW- I really did give $5 to that dude- he made me laugh when i read his sign. I'm a cheap date!

So what to do? The best jobs are still found by suiting up and showing up. That means- you MUST get off your duff and get to knocking on doors. You have to get out there and actually start talking to people face to to face. There's nothing like putting some miles on actual shoe leather. It's good for your soul to get out and see with your own eyes what kind of business you are perusing and the shape it's in and you can't do that unless you show up at their doorstep.

Look and see with your own eyes if the place needs paint, the employees look stressed to the max (bags under eyes, zombie stares, etc. Those things ought to send up signal flares of CAUTION, not good! Hang around the local area in the lunch eateries and use what I cal the 'Railroad Way' of gathering information: "Stop, Look, Listen."

Chances are pretty good that at one time you muttered under your breath, "if i only knew then what I know now...". that's right, "Stop, Look, Listen."

You can't see that nasty 'train coming' on their website, or the job listing that an outside agency hastily threw together on the Internet. You have to show up!

Ever hear of the term 'Lipstick on a pig'? That applies to about 70% of those job listings. Some are literally FAKE.

NEWSFLASH- HR departments window shop too. And forget the 'rankings' on the popular websites about this company or that business, that's fluff and corporate propaganda. What does this all mean?

Well, everything on the internet is true, right? .

Ok, wipe the tears from your eyes.

Another reality:

Most DECENT jobs are NOT advertised.

The 'good jobs'. You know, the ones that you KNOW exist, but companies rarely ever list?

They don't have to.

Those jobs are found by word of mouth and usually go to those folks on the inside. Question is, how do you become an insider?

Let's face it, it's risky to hire an unknown. The plain fact is that many candidates hired from the outside last two years or less. HR departments know this. Hiring new folks is expensive. You cannot believe the amount of money spent to onboard a new employee. Keep THAT in mind when looking for work. That is why you need to put your best foot forward. By showing up, going to events, socializing with current employees, you're presenting yourself as a total package, not some dolt behind a keyboard.

This all means you have to establish a rapport with people. You simply cannot do that from behind your computer screen.

Sorry to all you folks that think the world only exists on the Internet, but you're delusional. Oh yes, you can apply for jobs all day long in your underwear. And then risk getting rejected because some job application BOT doesn't detect 'key words'. Talk about stupidity! Why put yourself through that nonsense??

Welcome to the world of lazy and cold HR departments. You have to combat that cr*p, As Rocky yelled, "....YOU'RE BETTER THAN THAT!"

Think of jobs like this: the cars for sale on a reputable dealer lot -vs- the ones on Craigslist. Which one is the better choice? Oh, you don't know?

Ask around!! I think it will open your eyes. You may find out some refreshing news, or you may find out that place you've been looking at is a real Russian Salt Mine.

Time to choose Neo.

Red pill or blue pill?

One takes you back to your illusion like nothing happened, the other shows you the truth.

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Thank you sir. I just was recommended for another job today so i guess some good news.

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Be thankful this didn't happen about 8-10 years ago, you'd be in bad shape. I wish you well in your new job hunt! Take heart, you'll live through this and be much stronger for it. It's kind of like taking your first punch in the face in a streetfight; it hurts like h e l l at the time, but that will subside. The next it happens you'll brush it off for what it is, a mere speed bump in life.

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