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Annual revenues down more than 90% since 2010?

From Apollo Education's Annual Report, when annual revenues were $4.95B, and roughly $4.5B came from University of Phoenix. Enrollment at UoPX was more than 470,000.


Our goal is to strengthen our position as a leading provider of high quality, accessible education for individuals around the world by affording strong returns for all of our stakeholders: students, faculty, employees and investors. Our principal focus is to provide high quality educational products and services to our students in order for them to maximize the benefit of their educational experience. Our students receive an innovative, energizing and compelling learning experience and a quality academic outcome that provides the opportunity to improve their lives. We believe that a superior student experience, achieved through building a culture of always doing the right thing for the student, is key to building value for our shareholders. We intend to pursue our goal in a manner that is consistent with our core organizational values: operate with integrity and social responsibility; change lives through education; be the employer of choice and build long-term value. These values provide the foundation for everything we do as a business.

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You guys have been peddling the same rhetoric for over a year. I dont believe a word you are saying.

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We are sinking.... numbers and quality... every inquiry equals profit... if you can get them to enroll no matter the objections you are a failure.... thee we going to be a lot of firings very soon... or other issues that the public don’t know comes to light UOPX will be shut down.... just wait ...

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Recent report. I believe it but the VP’s and higher ups are signing this like we are going to grow this year. I don’t see how, but that’s what they are saying. Now this report posted, I think is more inline with what we are seeing.

It’s big desperation time and everyone can feel it. If there’s no buyers soon, it’s going to be over.

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