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Just good enough

Well the Citrix approach of “ it’s good enough” is catching up to the real world. Look at all the failures in the products and security services. The products are made to be just good enough but never hardened to withstand the real world. The QA cycle is shortened and things never work when they are released. So many patches and service upgrades to fix all the bugs that made it through. I would be a very upset customer if I knew of all the shortcuts taken in the products just to ship the release. As long as it’s good enough it is shipped.

No wonder all the bad actors are finding all these vulnerabilities in the products and the Citrix network.

It’s time to pay the piper Citrix.

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All of the middle management are Yes men in a desperate attempt to keep off the layoff list. The middle management know they cannot work anywhere else and are desperate to keep their positions at any ethical cost or price.

This leads to the systematic ship the product regardless of the customer impact. Its always been this way but even more in recent years.

So sick of this lack of ethical or moral compass at the management level.

no wonder Citrix will never amount to anything great

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It's painful to acknowledge it, but Citrix cannot be trusted with anything.

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Well said. Citrix will ship any c-ap as long as it’s good enough. This is systemic due to the poor management and lack of any ethics at the executive and middle management level. Every manager is too scared to stop the production line for fear of reprisals.

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