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Goodbye HANA and ABAP

“SAP has decided to undertake a company-wide restructuring program in 2019 across all board areas... SAP currently estimates that globally approximately 4,400 employees across all board areas will leave the company under the restructuring program. SAP is ... conversations with impacted employees are currently taking place in countries outside of the European Economic Area (Non-EEA) and will start in the EEA countries in Q2.”

"But HANA is no longer differentiated," "SAP is not going after that strategy anymore."

“Many of SAP's most treasured ABAP developers received their pink slips in the last week. This is something the SAP community on Twitter finds especially disturbing.“

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Its odd that HANA would no longer be a differentiator.

Where the initial claims of HANA ever true?

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More FUD

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Most ABAP developers are located in Germany - that refers to ABAP technology development (core) as well as to business applications (S/4HANA - Cloud and on-prem).

HANA core development happens in Germany and Korea.

So, be sure - it will go on.

But I agree: it's very sad and bad that such famous players like Thomas Jung were forced to leave. That has sent out a very bad signal. Not a smart move.

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It is true many ABAP developers got laid off but s4HANA is written in ABAP and ABAP play comes to cloud. Look at apple they did not pick Java because Google does it and persisted with Objective C and Swift and they have their ecosystem. ABAP is SAP's crown jewel so show the value customers will buy S4HANA and developers will keep coming... do not chase them let them come.

I am still bullish on ABAP and Fiori and so it is mostly cost cutting but HANA is dead and for me it was always a joke but I followed it because the HANA hype helped me.

Developers like Thomas Jung and Rich Hellman who got fired are o longer ABAP developers they were with HANA which is a joke. I think SAP should really make S4HANA any Db compliant.

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Some HANA folks just take 3 words “Business” + “Innovation” + “Strategist” and re-brand themselves

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