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Major Layoffs at EUC

EUC workspace 1 is under fire after very weak year performance. Layoffs are being escalated. This in addition to the too many harrassment and retaliatory practices that has been reported. Several VPs are under scrutiny in what appears to be a big scandal to come to light. Intelligence is one main focus of this scandal. Disturbing issues and violations. Very disturbing. A major layoff round focused on certain teams.

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VMware has acquired several startups like WaveFront, Heptio, CloudHealth, Apteligent all with very diverse staff but...

-- After a few months the entire diverse engineering staff is no longer competent and has to be rapidly replaced by brahmin developers from India both in India and US locations

-- Why is that happening repeatedly?

-- Is VMware M&A staff not doing due diligence to ensure talent and technology being acquired is competent and suitable?

-- More divertse staff will be laid off soon

There is a new DACA lawsuit.

VMware employees must initiate lawsuits against CEO, VP HR, COOS and GM's for NSXBU and EUC for discrimination of Americans

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All the rumors started by Horizon Cloud Services people in Bengaluru about WS1 intelligence are proving to be lies.

mo--ns want take over AW and WS1 engineering and quality roles along with dev ops functions. Battle royale waged between VPs in Palo Alto . GM loves his HCS VP.

All non-Indian VPs, AW Eng and Operations will be purged by the myopic GM.

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Stop whining about top class AW VP.

Last one in EUC Eng before EUC becomes another NSXBU. Only Indians are being hired/promoted in EUC.

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