Thread regarding University of Phoenix layoffs

Revenues down down down?

Year Enrollment Revenues (in billions)

2010 470,800 4.5

2011 380,800 4.3

2012 328,000 3.9

2013 301,100 3.3

2014 251,500 2.6

2015 190,700 2.2

2016 142,500 1.6

2017 Unknown

2018 Unknown

University of Phoenix campuses will be closing in Albuquerque, Atlanta, Charlotte, Chicago, Colorado Springs, Columbia, South Carolina, Detroit, El Paso, Honolulu, Jersey City, Philadelphia, Tucson, Virginia Beach, and several locations in California and Florida.

But there is no story, so far, in the news about the collapse of America's largest university, because confirmable information is difficult to obtain. The University of Phoenix media room does not return calls or emails. And the culture of silence at the school prohibits the truth from coming out.

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In addition to way fewer students in my department, we’ve had both layoffs and natural attrition as people get nervous about where the company is headed.

We have not hired one new person and the workload is unmanageable. My manager goes back and forth asking us to do what we can and then being upset that we can’t get to everything.

I work with a bright team that has submitted possible ways to adjust our workload and maintain effectiveness. No suggestions are ever acceptable.

So we are tasked to work with more students who are less motivated than ever to actually be there. Sad state of affairs.

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@Y8maTWp-1tmb, maybe Apollo Global could sell it on ebay? Someone in China may take a chance.

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i had posted in the past that I did not see the company as an "asset". Does the group know how to manage (take a fire sale, turn it around, sell it at a profit)? They are victims of their own neglect. Capelli et. al were smart enough to unload. How did the Apollo group get out of adolescence being such poor entrepreneurs?

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@Y8maTWp-req, the numbers are from Apollo Education's annual reports from 2010-2016. People at UoPX know the 2017 and 2018 numbers but won't release them to the public.

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Enrollment here.....I cannot confirm these numbers, but I can say that something is going on. VPs and managers have been growing increasingly desperate for enrollments. Threats, submitting applications for students we have never spoken to, the push to work weekends, it just never stops. The desperation is clear to all of us in enrollment. The company is obviously is big trouble of failing.

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