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Untrustworthy Leadership

This is a thoroughly mismanaged and dysfunctional health system, spanning well over 2 years in the making and this is the culmination:

Mass layoffs were conducted from 3/31/19 - 4/5/19 and they disposed of over 133 valuable employees (it is believed to be much higher over a longer time). The planned number was 200-400 but it was sc-apped due to a gofundme post that made them fear patient volume declines.

The layoffs affected both clinical and non-clinical staff, in stark contrast to what the CEO told everyone about it not affecting clinical staff. These layoffs were both preferential and targeted despite their vehement claims to the contrary. They targeted employees that were viewed in an unfavorable light by management’s own subjective reasoning (favoritism/cronyism). It left the surviving staff demoralized and overwhelmed, resulting in more patients receiving lower quality care.

There will still be patient volume declines because of the layoff news making its way to several different news outlets. They will continue to layoff more staff to stem income stream deficits in vain as time passes, resulting in increased turnover from existing staff fearing job loss and overwhelming patient care loads.

They left many bad employees in place of good ones and this was caused by the managers and directors playing favorites (favoritism/cronyism is rampant) as usual.

The CEO and the entire senior leadership team abandoned the hospital staff by being completely absent while the layoffs were being conducted. The CEO feigned ignorance about this when a very tearful employee brought it up during one town hall meeting.

They have wasted over $140,000,000.00 million dollars on the acquisition and upkeep of the still closed TMMC (The Miami Medical Center) that is also known as Pan American and Metropolitan Hospital. They have no plans to sell it for recovering much needed revenue. They did not give any raises to anyone this year and maybe not even next year. They also wasted money on the purchase of two 5-foot tall mobile circus robots that are nothing more than glorified jukeboxes. Those robots cost between $100,000.00 and $150,000.00 thousand dollars each, and both are now serving as dust collectors somewhere on campus.

If you are still employed and survived this layoff, it would be advisable to job search, because the human resources department is just a derelict figurehead, devoid of any power or authority in these matters.

The CEO and the Senior Leadership Team (SLT) all need to be laid off and the managers and directors need to be monitored so they cannot hire unqualified friends instead of qualified personnel (favoritism/cronyism).

They need to hire and promote from within instead of hiring external candidates over internal qualified ones.

They also need to consider the long-term impacts of their current layoffs on existing employee retention and morale, and this includes both future patients and hires that research a company’s employee reviews.

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That is all true. There is another layoff coming at the end of this month.


There was an employee who was 3 months pregnant that got laid off. She lost the baby because of the layoff.

There is some activity going on at TMMC with some employees working there but still closed.

The robots do cost that much and the staff know it well. I even remember hearing it from one of the IT team leaders out on the floor a few months ago.

The staff that know this are quite appalled at the waste of money that could have been used for raises. There are no raises this year. The bonuses also vanished about 2 or 3 years ago.

I have never seen the place this bad in all the years that I have been working here. I hope things get better soon.

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