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It's obvious that Apple is desperate. Launching credit card services to try to grow revenue, while haven't done any innovation for years. They're trying to squeeze or acquire all their key technology suppliers. With Tim Cook as CEO, Apple runs the risk of being the next Nokia...

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This thread is full of stupid. It was quite the comical read.


Do you need help navigating your web browser to simpleton?

"Tim thinks apple is a hardware company." BWHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAH

Ummm, services is one of their highest growth areas right now. cough APPLE TV? Hello? McFly? iTunes? Hello?

Sounds like a couple sour lemons that couldn't make it past an Apple interview.

Oh and stock price the highest it's ever been... IN THE MIDDLE OF COVID. There's that.

Feel dumb now.

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Innovation died with Steve Jobs, RIP my friends! We miss you!

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Steve Jobs is dead. Tim Cook is NO Steve Jobs. He doesn't even understand why Apple was ever successful, he thinks Apple is a hardware company!

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No worries. 5G will make Apple great again!

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