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Synamedia has more than twice as many employees as Mediakind, why?

Too many directors, no clue what they are doing. Engineering has so many subdomains guess to give all those directors a job. There are even directors for CPE, I really try to figure out what those guys are doing all day. Head of sales without sales track records being appointed and hired. Uhh.

Best engineers left years ago that shows in poor product design and development.

It seems Synamedia is creating a lot of deadwood to please all NDS friends.

To stay credible sr management much show the numbers. Without some big sales soon there will be no momentum and the org will go from one restructuring to another. Credential sharing is actually from Cisco period. If that is the best they have to offer its worrying.

All those folks finger pointing at Cisco, why did they not leave at that time? So hypocrite, real reason is they secretly liked the money and perks and where under qualified and to afraid to change jobs. My expectations is that its a matter of time that more and more people will be fired (likely first IVP folks).

Many have not updated their Cisco Linked profile yet, probably job hunting. Changing your experience from Cisco to Synamedia is a huge devaluation and do you really want to say at birthday parties you no longer work for Cisco (one of the most successful companies at the moment) but a company called Synamedia??

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The Managers now claim of trolls when facing facts...they are terrible. Most were missing at CISCO yet now see a golden chariot patting themselves on the back. People used to be important, not with this crew. Customers are also running because the technology is garbage and years behind. Tax write off! hahahaha

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Still here ? Trolling and answering your own posts... Did you not get the job you wanted at Synamedia ? Awwwww.

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Yep staff turnover is so low because Synamedia is a great employer . Great packages with minimal male work demanded

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As others have said before, it’ll shrink down to a $200m business serving legacy customers and then die an overly protracted death.

The rate of staff turnover is astonishing.

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